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Parables of Mercy
In "Misericordiae Vultus", which is the proclamation of the extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy, Pope Francis wrote:...


Every day at the Centre, we include the Trust Beads as part of our prayer life...


Many people wonder what they can do to help the Divine Mercy message spread throughout Canada or how to become an active participant in the growth of the Canadian Divine Mercy Centre


Now you can experience the Divine Mercy Centre's beautiful Stations of the Cross walking trail anywhere


Divine Mercy Centre Stations of the Cross trail
Jesus, I trust in you

Canadian Divine Mercy Centre and Apostolate

Welcome. The C.D.M.C.A. was established in April of 1993, as a result of a profound conversion experience through the mercy of God!

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      Our Objectives
The Canadian Divine Mercy Centre in fall
  • to be Christ-like,
  • to demonstrate love and compassion for those in need,
  • to feed the hungry and give drink to the thirsty,
  • to provide good used clothing for the poor,
  • to visit and comfort the sick or imprisoned,
  • to instruct the uninformed and
  • to promulgate the message of God's mercy.

We strongly believe that those who have experienced God's mercy are obliged to bring it to others.

We began the distribution of Divine Mercy materials, operating out of the basement of a rented bungalow. In 1994, we expanded into a 2000 square foot space and added the prayer and counseling line to our work. Two years later, we purchased a 100-acre property in the Lanark Highlands. In addition to the distribution of Divine Mercy materials, we could now offer our visitors a guest house and retreat facility, an Outdoor Stations of the Cross Trail, a well-stocked library of religious books and videos, a Grotto dedicated to Our Lady of La Salette and a Divine Mercy Oratory (with First Class Relics of Saint Theresa of Lisieux and Saint Faustina).

Through our "open-door" policy, we are able to reach out to many, to comfort and counsel where needed. We welcome anyone who has willingly accepted God as their Saviour, but needs a place of refuge, reflection or spiritual growth. Over the years, by God's grace, we have been able to help many brothers and sisters in need.

Some people come to the Centre just for a few days, to find a home away from home, a place of peace where they can spiritually and/or emotionally recharge, to discover what God has intended for them. Others stay for a prolonged period of time to find themselves or to explore the will of God in their lives. Whatever the reason, God provides and gives every open soul exactly what it needs. Thus, more guests go away with profound peace, with strength and courage to face life again - as is evidenced by many letters of thanks we receive.

Some of our visitors have had financial means to help us; others were less fortunate. Nevertheless, all are welcomed for we have wholeheartedly resigned our survival to Divine Providence. We rely on God's generosity to us through His people, be it through works, prayers or financial support.

"Where, if not in the Divine Mercy, can the world find refuge
and the light of hope?"
(Pope John Paul II, April 1993)

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