House Rules / Code of Conduct / Dress Code

(for apostles of Divine Mercy, short and long-term residents)

O my Jesus, in this wilderness and terror which surround me,
My heart still feels the warmth of Your gaze,
Which no storm can blot out from me,
As You give me the assurance of Your great love, O God.

O my Jesus, midst the great miseries of this life,
You shine like a star, O Jesus, protecting me from shipwreck.
And though my miseries be great,
I have great trust in the power of Your mercy.

(an excerpt from Diary entry #1479 )

The Canadian Divine Mercy Centre & Apostolate is committed to helping others to cope with the miseries of life, no matter what their state of life. We do our best to help those who seek shelter or refuge as well as those who seek peace and/or spiritual enrichment through the King of Mercy. We are wholeheartedly committed to uphold Christian values of dignity for the individual person, as well as decency and modesty in behaviour, speech and dress. We believe that the Centre must be a safe haven and a good example to the outside world.

General Rules

  • No swearing, alcohol or drugs on the Divine Mercy Centre property or in Divine Mercy Centre buildings
  • No offensive/indecent clothing is to be worn on the Divine Mercy Centre properties or in the Divine Mercy Centre buildings
    1. For apostles of Divine Mercy and associates – no shorts; skirts must not be shorter than knee-length; no low-cut garments; no muscle shirts are to be worn in public
    2. For short or long-term residents, spouses and family members – no shorts; skirts must not be shorter than knee-length; no low-cut garments; no muscle shirts anywhere in public. Those who have a dwelling in the designated area of the community/family housing or on their own property/yard associated with the Centre may wear shorts but must adhere to the modesty and decency code of the Canadian Divine Mercy Centre
    3. Day visitors are requested to dress modestly
  • No smoking within the buildings and no closer than 100 feet to entrances of the buildings; dispose of cigarette butts into appropriate containers (please do not litter the grounds)
  • Outdoor shoes or boots are not to be worn in the bedrooms
  • For hygienic reasons, do not walk barefoot in the Divine Mercy Centre facility
  • Movies with indecent exposure or foul language are not to be watched here
  • Music which is aggressive or contains foul language will not be tolerated; volume for all music, radio, tape recorders, etc. should be moderate so as not to disturb others
  • No shouting or excessive noise in the facility or the grounds
  • Respect each other’s privacy and ownership
  • No pets of any kind are to be kept inside the facility
  • Night clothes/bath robes are not to be worn outside of the sleeping quarters / washrooms
  • Please respect the "lights out" rule no later than 11 p.m. (silence is appreciated)

Be always on your best behaviour, seeking Christ in everyone. In case of doubt, ask yourself "W.W.J.D.?" ("What would Jesus do?"); then you will not fail.

Be good stewards of what God has given us – do not waste energy or resources of any kind.