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How to Help Us

How To Help Us

Many people wonder what they can do to help the Divine Mercy message spread throughout Canada or how to become an active participant in the growth of the Canadian Divine Mercy Centre. Well, to follow are some of the ways that you might want to consider – or perhaps you can come up with some new suggestions of your own!
    1. Pray. Always pray for us and for God’s mercy upon our country. Distribute Divine Mercy prayer cards and/or leaflets to friends, relatives, prayer groups, etc.
    2. We gratefully accept financial aid / donations for the works of mercy here at the Centre. Many people who need help or are in distress do not have the financial means to give a donation for their stay in our guest house, so your contribution might just be the one to help out a soul in need.
    3. Collecting Canadian Tire money for us is a relatively painless way to help us to buy tools, paints, etc.; gift certificates from Canadian Tire, Home Hardware, Rona or Home Depot are also useful at any time of the year for plumbing supplies, building materials, repairs, etc.
    4. We accept your Hbc reward points from the Bay, and Home Outfitters stores; we then exchange the points for gift certificates to purchase towels, bedding and other household needs. For more information and a printable application form, see the link on the left side bar at the top of this page.
    5. We accept frequent flyer points to use for travelling to out-of-province speaking engagements; please talk to your local provider to find out how it can be done since their rules and regulations vary.
    6. We accept gift certificates from Wendy’s, Tim Horton’s, Burger King, etc.; we use these to help the homeless travelers who make temporary use of the Centre for food, rest or clothing.
    7. We are always in need of skilled workers – we graciously accept your volunteer labour. Call us to make arrangements if you have the time and ability to help as carpenters, builders, framers, dry-wallers, etc. We are also looking for a “pro bono” architect, painters, plumbers and electricians; just name your talent; perhaps we have a job for you!
    8. The retreat house expansion project is going to be an expensive one. Enthusiastic fund-raisers are most welcome to come up with an idea, put together a committee and help us to realize this “dream come true”.
    9. You can make arrangements for a Divine Mercy retreat or speaking engagement in your parish. We have a wide variety of teachings for different lengths and styles of retreats, prayer days, etc.
    10. Visit us at the Centre. Come with a group of friends, with your C.W.L. or prayer group for a day of prayer, a weekend retreat, a silent retreat or a working retreat.
    11. Feel free to contact us about other ideas or suggestions.

Please indicate if you wish your prayer request to be made public on our web-site so that others can include your needs in their prayers. (The administration reserves the right to edit or exclude submissions)

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